Artist in Focus

April 2021

Brandon Masur


I am a 23 year old photographer and musician from Canandaigua New York. I have been taking photos for a little over a year now and love the creative expression that it gives me, as well as the ability to share a moment I experienced with others. In addition to photography, music is also a huge part of my life. I spend a lot of my time playing bluegrass music as a  banjo player in a traveling band from East Tennessee called The Alex Leach Band.

I've always been drawn to the arts and the people who look at life with a creative lens. It's such a powerful thing to be able to see others express themselves in such unique forms through many different mediums. I have always enjoyed taking pictures growing up, but it wasn't until recently during the quarantine shutdowns that I got a professional camera and focused hard on building my photography skills. It was a great outlet to be able to express the frustrations of the current time, while also acquiring a new skill.


Photography has been my medium of choice for many reasons. I am drawn to photography for the ability it gives you to freeze time. To me, it is such a powerful medium to work with to be able to share a moment in time with someone else that otherwise would have only been experienced by myself. Sharing something I got to experience first hand with a stranger forms a unique connection and I hope allows that stranger to feel as if they had the same experience that I did when I took the photo.

I try to have the process of creating a photo as natural as possible. I don't want to force the process as this can often be reflected in the photo. The best photos usually just come to you naturally I have found. I am an avid hiker and love to spend as much time as possible outside in nature. The process of creating a photo starts with exploring the environment around me, looking at all of the details of the nature I am surrounded with. Trying to capture some of nature's beauty to the best of my ability. All of my nature photography is unmanipulated and reflects a shot exactly as I saw it first hand. When I see a scene I want to capture, I test out multiple different angles and framings so that I have options for the shot when I get to the post processing stage. After spending the day in the woods and capturing the scenes I find most remarkable to me, the next step in my process is editing the picture through the use of computer software. This is a necessary and often the most time consuming part of the creation process. The camera does a great job at capturing a moment, but the technology can't capture a scene the same way our eyes do, so I do my best to take the photo the camera has captured and edit it to look as close and as naturally as I saw it in person. This involves adjusting the lighting to better highlight the subject, saturating and fixing the color hues to closer match reality and many other steps. After post processing is done, the photo is ready to be printed and framed then lastly displayed!

I find my inspiration from the environment that surrounds me. Nature is my biggest inspiration and i've spent a lot of time and effort trying to capture even a tiny bit of the beauty that exists all around us. It is truly amazing what you can see by slowing down and looking closely to whatever environment you're surrounded by. You never know what you'll see and experience!

The journey to selling my art was by pure happenstance. I had never planned on selling my photos, but I was in Watkins Glen to go hiking and take some pictures and stumbled into the Franklin Street Gallery after my hike and was appreciating all of the great photography and art that they had. I had my camera with me at the time and we struck up a conversation about photography and I ended up getting a few photos printed to display at the gallery.

I have been displaying my photography at the Franklin Street Gallery since September of 2020. It is such a great space to share my art and an humbling to be surrounded by so many of the talented artists that are featured at the gallery.

The Finger Lakes Region of New York is one of my favorite places I have ever been and I am so lucky to call it home. I've never seen another area with such diverse beauty and fantastic communities. From the lakes to the numerous breathtaking gulley's, there is just so much to see and experience in the Finger Lakes. As a photographer, I will never run out of stunning scenery to capture.

Brandon's exhibit will be on view April 2nd - April 30th at the Franklin Street Gallery.