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November 2020

Dan Gallagher

Photographer | Videographer

I'm a photographer & videographer from Corning, NY. My photography is mostly nature-based, fine arts prints. I do some commercial videography, mostly supporting a few not-for-profit organizations;  I also have a passion for climate change awareness and am working on videos related to that.
I also love teaching: I help folks learn about photography as well as video production. I find it thrilling to have someone leave one of my classes excited about trying something new!

I've enjoyed photography for about 40 years. For a long time, the camera only came out when I was traveling; I liked to try and capture a memory of how it felt to be in a spectacular place. But I really started working on my photo skills and portfolio in earnest a decade or so ago.  And I've found my enjoyment and passion for it has grown along with (hopefully) my skills.
In addition to photography, I've always been a musician and I dabble in woodworking, stained glass and wood carving.

For photographic prints, I typically print on paper and frame in good, solid wood frames and glass. But I've also found that many prints look great when printed on metal; it a process that can give some depth and allow the viewer to get emotionally closer to the print.  It depends on the photo and the customer. Either way, my process is all digital (although I know that film is seeing a resurgence but I did darkroom work long enough to be glad to be rid of it).

Everything starts with skills! If I'm going to use a technique, I want to learn it before I need it.  After that, it often come down to being in the right spot at the right time. And that means that you have to get outside a lot and try to be smart about the where and when. So I keep a list of places that I want to explore/experience. It really helps that I love being outside. I've often found that good shots come at the "edges" of the day and the weather, so I look opportunities there. After I have a shot that I like, I spend some time working with it digitally to get close to that feeling that the scene evoked for me.

I count on the scene for most of the inspiration: the place, the perspective, the light and even the weather.  Otherwise, I have a very diverse bunch of visual influencers: Georgia O'Keefe, Edward Hopper, Maxfield Parrish, the whole Art Nouveau movement (as well as the American Arts & Crafts).  On the photography side, certainly Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Eliot Porter and Annie Leibowitz.

As I was starting to learn skills seriously and beginning a portfolio, I found folks seem to like the prints and even want them in their homes; so I started dabbling with exhibits and galleries such as the Franklin Street Gallery. With COVID, the live exhibits have died down but I still do sales through my website and have moved most of my classes to a virtual format.

 had to look that up! I know that I was exhibiting here in 2015 because I won a People's Choice Award here for the "Homegrown" exhibit. I've also taught several exceptionally enjoyable classes here. I believe that I've had at least a print or two on the walls ever since!

Well, first, I'm a four-season person but I don't like it REALLY cold; the winters (especially lately) are pretty comfortable but you know it's winter! But, we are surrounded with so many beautiful (and photogenic) scenes: lakes, waterfalls, gorges, vineyards and the Adirondacks are not far away! There's a lot of inspiration within a short drive!

I really want to thank the Franklin St Gallery, both for this opportunity for me and for the wonderful work that they are a part of! They provide a lot of support for local artists but they are also doing great things as a part of ARC. This Gallery is something special and I hope that folks in our community learn and acknowledge that.

Second, over the years, I've gotten a lot of support from people who have purchased or promoted my work. That means a lot to me and I thank you. Nothing makes my day like hearing from someone who has had one of my prints on their wall for years and still finds beauty and peace in it!!!

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Dan's exhibit will be up from November 5th through November 28th at the Franklin Street Gallery. 

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