Artist in Focus

October, 2021

Cheryl Johnston


"Originally from Webster, NY, I attended Rochester Institute of Technology and majored in Interior Design. Worked for a small Interior Design firm in Rochester before being hired by Corning Incorporated to help rebuild their offices after the flood of 1972. Retired after 30 years.

I was always good at art in grammar school. So I continued art classes in high school, and went into interior design in college. College professor had several class field trips to New York City and Toronto to visit art museums."

What is your medium of choice and why do you prefer it?
"Oils because you can rework the painting if needed."

Describe your process for making a piece of artwork:
"The composition and balance of objects is paramount. If I am not sure in my mind that I have these just right, I will do several thumbnail sketches before putting brush to canvas."

What are some of your biggest inspirations?
"I love painting animals especially their faces to catch the light in their eyes. And I like to create a feeling or a mood in my landscapes, especially misty scenes."

What was your journey to selling art?
"After retiring from Corning Incorporated, I wanted to refresh my oil painting skills, so I found a woman who taught adult oil painting classes. Based on her encouragement, I approached Franklin Street Gallery. My work was accepted by a panel of judges, and I have been selling my paintings here ever since they started the gallery."

How long have you displayed your artwork at the Franklin Street Gallery?
"Since the gallery first opened its doors."

What are some of your favorite things about the Finger Lakes Region?
"The rolling hills and beautiful scenery. The small town atmosphere."

Cheryl's exhibit will be on view
October 1st - 30th at the Franklin Street Gallery.